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Nude Party - Massage

We had a great weekend this past holiday weekend, with a couple of private home nudist parties here in the San Diego area. As usual, I got pressed into service giving as many massages as I could, and there were plenty of pleased folks after they received some special rubdowns from me!



It's amazing that people out there still click on links after reading about "get a free computer". Funny thing is, the only reason why the hackers are still putting out spam like that, even the "money in a Nigerian bank awaiting you" spam, is that morons out there are actually clicking on them. If they got no response, they'd eventually go away, which of course they haven't.

Oh well, when they get the virus the zaps their cyber world, I pretty much have to think they had it coming. Sort of thinning the cyber herd.

Now let's get back to NUDISM!!!!! This summer more...

C'ya later, Deb

Sorry to see you go, too, Deb, but I certainly understand why - these spam-blogs are pretty irritating and now I'm only going on this site to chat with a couple of people, trade e-mail addys and go forth from there.

You've got my e-mail and phone #, feel free to give me a shout when you're up for a massage or just want some nude company at the beach or your condo.

*Warm rubs*



Happy to discuss nudism, massage, family nudism, etc.,:

Nudism + Massage

How these two things compliment each other!

I've given probably 100's of massages to family and friends, and when nudists get together, it's just natural to spread warm oil over their bodies!


San Diego Nudism - Massage

Seeking others from the San Diego, California area who enjoy nudism and/or massage (if you enjoy both, that's a winner!!!!!!)

Shoot me a note here or via e-mail:

*Warm rubs*


Nude Chat

Would love to discuss with other nudists.........

* Massage

* Nudism (alone or with others)

* Social nudism (private home parties)

Nudist Massage

Massage and the practice of nudism go hand-in-hand so wll since the dress code for both practices is the same :)

If any nudists out there in the San Diego area (or plan on visiting SD in the future), look me up and I'll be happy to give you a nice, relaxing, soothing, massage.

*Warm rubs*


NudistSpace on Life Support!

Someone isn't minding the store......

As many of you probably have noticed, the photo viewing aspect of profiles is screwed up, you can't see individual photos without the help of a magnifying glass put on the tiny thumbnail photo, a lot of mail/messages are not getting through, and there seems to be a lot of SPAM posted on this blog and no one is really monitoring it.

Looks like NudistSpace is headed for hospice :(

Does anyone manage this website?????


I remember when this website was pretty active about a year or so ago, but now, there are lame ads on the blog (and never seem to get deleted, so I'm assuming there's no monitor here), and I get numerous friend-requests from "people" who have no photos and have filled out the absolute MINIMUM on their new profiles. I find myself signing on and then spending several minutes cleaning up a lot of crap on my account......probably the reason I don't sign into this website as much as I used to.

Anyone else experiencing the same thing? Is there another nudist website that might be a more...

Nude Massage

The only thing I enjoy more than nudism is massage, and considering you're nude while getting one, what better combination is there?

If anyone wants to discuss in greater detail:

*Warm rubs*


Enjoy a massage while nude!

For any of you in the San Diego area, I enjoy nudism, and especially enjoy massage - so if any of you might be interested in getting a full body massage while enjoying a nude day, just drop me a line!

*Warm rubs*


San Diego Nudist Party!


I know everyone on this site are spread out around the world, but if any of you are in the area of San Diego, California - there's going to be a nudist party taking place at a private home this Saturday.

There's a large pool, jacuzzi, large grass area for volleyball. The "regulars" who attend these parties are a few families, some couples, and some select singles in San Diego, and there's always room for a few more.

I will be doing massages as I usually do at these parties, and the pool and jacuzzi fun is usually a highlight. There will be a BBQ and ice chest, more...

Nudism & Massage

Since I have a background in massage, I am quickly put into service giving massages whenever I attend a nudist party, especially at someone's private home.

Needless to say, many interesting things have taken place while enjoying providing massage service to a bunch of to share stories, photos, experiences, etc., with those who enjoy sharing the same.

*Warm rubs*



Am happy to chat, swap stories, photos, etc., regarding the nudist lifestyle. I also have many stories to share about some wonderful massage experiences at private home nude parties!


Happy to discuss the challenges of family nudism with others.....I am living with a girl and her kids, so this is all new to me.

Sunny and 80 Degrees in San Diego!

What an awesome weekend!

Yesterday was 80-degrees and sunny in San Diego. Friends of ours had a private nudist party at their home, about 40 of us there, and it was an incredible event that lasted into the evening. About 20 of us are going back today for a little more fun in the sun, enjoying the pool and jacuzzi in the nude, and the intimate fellowship that nudism offers all of us. I was put to work yesterday giving many massages, and will probably do more today - but it's all good, the only thing I like more than getting a massage is giving them!

NudistSpace - SPAM

Well, it was inevitable.

An incredible amount of assholes have invaded this site, making up phony profile, then leaving messages and friend requests asking you to join them at their lame website (lame porn crap), or leaving you mail to contact them at their e-mail address.

I guess we just have to click on the "delete" key a lot more - morons on parade!

For those of you who are REAL on this website - have a GREAT day and stay nude!!!!!!!!!!!

*Warm rubs*


Nudism Discussion - Photo Trade

If anyone is interested:

Happy to discuss nudism, swap personals, etc.

Share Stories - Photos

If anyone is interested in sharing nudism stories, photos, experiences, etc., will be happy to share. (yahoo-messenger as well)

*Warm rubs*


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